European & American Realms

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European & American Realms


The Polar realm covers the high latitude region of perpetual snow and ice, tundra and the poleward margins of the Taiga region. Tribes with Mongoloid characteristics were the early settlers, who practiced simple economy such as hunting, fishing, herding etc. They lead a nomadic life. The characteristics of this region are simple dwellings. The concept of wealth is little developed. They have very weak political organization. Harsh environment could support a sparse population. Presently the contact with the developed world has given some new traits.

European realm. Generally Europeans are aggressive, acquisitive and progressive. This group is characterized by the great linguistic diversity, Christian base highly developed agricultural practice, industrialization and technological development, urbanization, social mobility occupational specialization and rare artistic musical and literary creativity. This region triggered off political ideologies like democracy, nationalism and communism. These nations have established co-operation both on the economic and political planes by creating the European Economic Community to combat the problems following the Second World War. These nations form the third force in the world after USA and USSR.

The Anglo American Realm. The cultural characteristics of North American are fundamentally derived from Europe but are over emphasized by the prolific richness of resources. Though multinational in origin, the various groups in US. became assimilated. However, the British influence is paramount. Industrialization and urbanization am widespread. They have achieved the highest standard of living with the people being well educated vocal and aggressive. The occidental culture in its Americanized form insidiously spreading into almost every corner of the world.

U.S.A. and Canada make this cultural realm. Canada is predominantly of British origin. These immigrants left a lasting impression on the Canadian pattern of life. British influence still persists though Canadianism has developed. U.S.A.'s population consists of all European countries and Africa. Both white and blacks have formed U.S.A. The modern American society is so self-centered that it does not care a bit for the future generation and the time to come. Life is very fast. Attributes of American technology are widely felt in the form of skyscrapers, traffic jams, pollutions of air and water, broken family systems, growing insanity, violence and Hippism etc., USA is the living example of unity in diversity. Persons belonging to many nationalities forget their origin and submerge themselves into one nationality that is American Nationality.

The Latin American Realm. The Spanish and Portuguese language and institutions like the Roman Catholic Church are strongly entrenched. Mediterranean architectural forms are common in villages and small towns. Ethnic diversity is marked by ethnic fusion. There are a few rich and many poor people. There is generally, low standard of living with rampant illiteracy. There is a tendency for dictatorial government in these nations. Brazil is dominated by Portuguese influence and rest of Latin America by Spanish culture. The Spanish language has dominance

The Arid Realm. The society is largely tribal nomadic. But mainly Muslim has made it a homogeneous region. The oil mining has radically altered the economy of these countries e.g. Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf Sheikdoms, Iran and Iraq. Wealth and influence is in the hands of a selected few and while the masses remain poor. The oil revenues are used to modernize and develop the economy as in Iraq.

It does not mean that Islam does not have its impact outside this zone. It has far reaching influence in many other countries of South Asia and South East Asia. Arab and non-Arab countries like Iran and Turkey subscribe to Islamic way of life. It is economically prosperous region due to Petro dollars. Traditionalism is the main characteristic of this culture realm. It is a realm of worlds great religions and many old urban settlements.

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