Periods of Migration

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Periods of Migration

Prehistoric Migrations

International or Inter Continental migrations. It can be classified into two groups

  • (i) Pre-historic Migrations
  • (ii) Historical Migrations.

    Pre-Historic Migrations: It is supposed that human race was born in Central Asia and from here migration took place and people began to go to different parts of the world. The main migrations are as follows:

  • (i) From middle Asia to East China in the Hwang Ho and Yangtze basins and then from there to Indo-China.
  • (ii) From Central Asia to Indus and Gangetic Valley through Khaiber and other passes.

  • (iii) Migration also took place to the Fertile Crescent of Tigris and Eupherate, Iran and also to the Nile Valley.
  • (iv) From Egypt to Mediterranean belt and Spain and France.
  • (v) The Eastern Europe also saw a great influx of the people migrating to Ukraine, Volga valley, western coasts of Black Sea and ultimately this migration reach the Danube basin.
  • (vi) From Central Asia to Mongolia.
  • (vii) From Anadir and Bering to North America. The people who migrated to this region of world are still called Amerinds.

    All these pre-historic migrations took place millions of years ago. It shows that migrating trend of the human race is very ancient. It was the outcome of adverse climatic conditions, economic reasons and international clashes among the pre-historic people.

    Historical Migrations: In the known historical period many types of migrations have occurred on account of various reasons and many manifestations. The reasons are so numerous that sometimes it is difficult to find out the exact reason underlying peoples decision to find out new abodes for settling permanently. Normally these historical migrations have taken place either because, of economic reasons or on account of oppression, discrimination, the imminent danger of war and national calamities.

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