Soybean oil

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Soybean oil


The oil extracted from soyabeans is largely used in the manufacture of soaps, glycerine, paints and varnishes, linoleum, printers' ink and margarine. Green beans are used as vegetables and salads and dried beans in soup, vegetables milk and coffee substitutes.

The plants grow well on rich loamy soils. The U.S.A. China and Manchuria are the principal soybean producing countries. Japan and Indonesia are the other producers.

In 1987-88 the world production of soyabeans amounted to 28 million metric tons. U.S.A. and China produced 16 million metric tons and 10 million tons respectively.

World trade. The leading exporters of soyabeans are U.S.A and China. The former handles more than 72 per cent of world's export of soyabeans. The countries importing soyabeans are Japan 25 per cent, Germany (West) 16 percent and Canada about 12 per cent.

The Soybean oil producing countries are China, Japan, U.K. and Germany (West). The countries exporting soybean oil are China, Japan, U.K. and Germany (West). U.K. and Holland are the principal soybean oil importing countries.

Cotton seed. The oil obtained from seeds of cotton plants is used as lard substitutes, salad, oil, illuminant, washing powder, in margarine manufacture in medicinal emulsions and in soap making.

U.S.A., India, China, Russia and Egypt are the principal cotton seed producing countries. The world production of cotton seeds in 1987-88 amounted to 21 million metric tonnes U.S.A. produced more than 5.5 million metric tonnes, Russia 2.9 million, China 3.8 million, India 1.8 million and Brazil about 0.9 million metric tonnes.

World trade. Cottonseed exporting countries are U.S.A., India, and Egypt. The U.K. is the main importer of cottonseed. U.K. U.S.A., and Egypt produce oil from cottonseeds and exports oil. Canada Germany and Holland are the importers of oil.

Olive. It is mainly the product of Mediterranean region and is grown both in hilly and plain regions. It does not need irrigation and dry farming suits it. It provides edible oil. Italy and Spain are the main producers.

Other oil seeds which are less known are Perilla, Hemp, Kapok, Tea seed, white poppy, black poppy, Corn oil, Niger Babassu, Kernels and Oiticca etc. All these provide oil to the local population and have no international trade.

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