Why I hated Geography at school

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Why I hated Geography at school

Geography nightmare
Why I hated Geography at school

Geography illustration by Adam Pækalski

Personally, during school, I always held a hatred for Geography and this all started when I was eleven years old. One day, I was poorly ill and missed a Geography lesson one time only, to receive an email from a friend saying that I had to design and create a contour model before the next lesson which, for me once I had recovered, was the following Monday. This gave me less than a week to create this model.

I asked a friend to explain this whole idea to me however the explanation was fairly useless. Anyway to cut a long story short, I made a really horrible version of the model, got bad marks and got a royal telling off from my tutor. So after this, my mood wasn’t exactly high and ecstatic about the subject but I soldiered on, tried to enjoy the lesson and tried to get along with the tutor. However, from that day forward, everything I seemed to say, do or create in Geography appeared to be completely and utterly wrong. Every other subject that I seemed to study I either enjoyed, was good at, or both. Except Geography. Then again, I never saw the point in the subject itself. History, yes. Maths, English, Languages, Design and Technology, Food technology, all of them perfectly acceptable. But Geography? Learning about the different types of rock, different types of cloud, lines and contours of the earth along with all the other nonsense and drivel they feed you during Geography lessons.

Sure, if Geography was all about travelling to lots of different countries, sightseeing and visiting all the top attractions then that would be a wonderful lesson and would most definitely be my favourite. Heck, I would even look forward to the lesson knowing I was learning of countries and culture rather than clouds and contours.

When I was thirteen years of age, we had an exam in Geography to get our end of year grades and, even though I tried to listen all year and learn best I could, I managed to get sixteen percent which was eight marks out of fifty. This came out as a Grade D and in other words was a fail. Now, this was just before we were supposed to pick our GCSE subjects that we would spend the next few years doing. I was never considering taking Geography however this one thousand percent confirmed that this was never going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Geography is ideal for some and unthinkable for others however I have friends and class mates who are quite happily going to study Geography (or Geography based/related topics at university this up and coming term). And good luck to them too! I personally cannot think of a worse fate than Geography AND university all rolled into one however..

But, as I said, don’t get me wrong, if you swap all the mountains, weather, clouds, rocks, corrosion and layers of earth for pure travel, sightseeing and monuments then Geography would have been my ideal subject as I adore travel however as it stands, Geography is the least of my interests and is way too tedious for my liking or my time.

- by Luceh

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