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This is adventure!

If you are looking for Adventure, here you will find all the necessary information to find the right place to go on holidays.

The definition of adventure is flexible. It may be a simple holiday in a superb eco-resort with a panorama over of The Cabrits National Park and the Caribbean Sea, in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Or adventure can be found in high adrenaline activities. Here is the skydiving experience of one of our visitors.

My Unforgettable Skydiving Experience

It was on the internet that I dug out some details about skydiving and, after that, I firmly decided to experience it in the near future. Experiencing it for the first time was a totally unexpected event. I remember how, on my jump day, I excitedly arrived at the skydiving center ahead of time. We are only five. All were new to skydiving. Coming in and out of the hangar, several skydiving experts went on joking with us and giving us motivation to continue our once in a lifetime experience. After that, boarding the airplane finally commences. We used a twin engine aircraft. It was a large aircraft. We were twenty skydivers aboard on that plane.

As we were reaching the heights, I was both worried and excited. The skydiver expert noticed it and asked me several questions... which I totally forgot! While we were talking, I checked my altimeter to see the altitude and finally the altitude got large enough. It was about thirteen thousand feet. The plane started to buzz and the door opened and I looked down and seeing the other skydivers jump... My jumpmaster waited for me to jump... and finally we jump off the plane.

After a few seconds, I can see everyone and the cameraman who is filming my lifetime experience. We are floating in the air, hearing the whistle of the winds as we fall down. And that is extremely enjoyable, my parachute opens fast and I feel a little bit shocked and the canopy opens, checking for errors as standard procedure. Then it seems that all is perfectly stable that I donít have to worry about possible problems, and then I start to feel the slow falling.

Up in the air I can see beautiful places thousands of feet down. Then I look for the targeted drop zone or shall I say the "landing area" and see it. I fly to the drop zone slowly but surely and land on the ground. The adventure is over, and I start folding the parachute on the skydiving field and put it away in on our car.

It was a good day and a very sunny one. And when I got home my friends and family celebrated my once in a lifetime experience until the rest of the day.

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