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Here under Family, you will find all the necessary information to find the right place to go on holidays if you are traveling with your family.

These are tips and advice on saving money during your trip:


No matter what your budget, your family can enjoy a fun-filled vacation. With a little foresight, you and your kids can plan a getaway that wont break the bank.


Advance work is the key to saving money on travel. At first, you should determine how much you can afford to spend and place a financial plan. Then you can begin planning the fun things: when and where to go and what to do once you are there.

When to travel

If you and your family are flexible about when you can travel, you will have the most luck finding bargains. For instance, spring and fall are "shoulder seasons" at most resorts, so during these periods you will find reduced rates and perhaps special packages. 0n the other hand, summer is least expensive time to visit Florida, Arizona, and Hawaii, and winter is the time for bargains at many national parks. For travel to Disney World and other Florida theme parks, January, May, and the fall are the slowest and therefore best times to find deals on lodging. If you like active vacations, many ski resort areas feature hiking, biking, and other outdoor recreation during the summer months and offer lodging at up to half off winter rates.

Where to stay


The options for lodging are very wide. It is going to be your greatest expense in nearly any vacation, but it is also the area in which you will have the most opportunities to save your money.

Urban Adventure

If you are planning a city vacation, you will probably want to choose a hotel, but make sure you find one where kids stay free and where the rooms are set with a fridge and a microwave. You may even want to consider a suite hotel, where the rooms feature kitchenettes and you will have more space.Hotel Hotels and motels outside a city's limits will be less expensive than downtown locations. When making reservations at any location, do not think that the first price you are quoted is the best. Ask about specials and best rates. If you are staying at a national chain, you may do better calling the specific property rather than the main reservations number. Check with your destination's Chamber of Commerce or Convention and Visitors Bureau for lists of accommodations. You could also visit Travelocity where you may find better rates than if you call the hotels directly.

Coastal or Mountain Retreat

If you are planning to get away to the coast or the mountains and plan to stay for more than a couple of days, you should seriously consider renting a house. With a full kitchen, you will save a extensive amount on meals. If you have a large family or plan on traveling with grandparents, or friends, you can probably find a spacious rental that will be economical for everyone, and with more space, your kids will be kept entertained. Many areas propose rentals by the week during high season, with the option of shorter stays in the off season.


Back to nature

Camping is probably the ultimate bargain, but if you do not have the equipment or the desire to set up a tent, many parks offer other options. State park cabins, lodges are a great option for families. In parks, you often have good chances to find facilities with modern full kitchens. They will cost less than private rentals and you will have many leisure opportunities in your patch. Many state's departments of natural resources and parks divisions have websites featuring their parks.

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