Fishing Vacations

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Fishing Vacations

Fishing travel
Fishing Vacations

Fishing is one of the leading outdoors activities across the world. Fishing tournaments, weekend adventurers and vacations are taken every year by avid angler and their families.

A way that many fishing enthusiasts learn to love the sport and to enjoy the world around them is by traveling to fishing destinations worldwide. Each destination has its own fishing style, attractions and tournaments that keep enthusiasts coming back year after year.

Regardless of your fishing style there is certain to be a destination to cater to your fishing lifestyle.

Bass Fishing in the Amazon

Bass fishing is a well-known fishing style for outdoors enthusiasts. Tournaments are held across the United States to test bass anglerís skills while they network with other fishing enthusiasts.

For bass anglers who want to spread their wings a bit and get a change of scenery, there are bass fishing destinations worldwide that offer more than the average fishing trip.

Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon is a prime way for bass fishing enthusiasts to enjoy their fishing hobby while spending time in an exotic location. Trips to the Amazon are sponsored through several fishing enthusiast groups and organizations. These trips are scheduled for various parts of the Amazon River and include everything you need to enjoy the fishing vacation.

Slovenia Trout Fishing

Yes! - Nature and wilderness can still be found in the heart of Europe, that is in Slovenia!

Every angler has their favorite style of fishing and favorite fish for that style. For those anglers who enjoy quiet areas that are brimming with trout, then a trip to Slovenia may be the adventure you have been waiting for.

Slovenia offers trout fishing in five different areas that each have their own fishing seasons. The Soca River offers fishing seasons from April through November depending on the type of trout you are fishing. The Unec River offers trout season starting in May and moving through November. The Radovna River area offers their fishing seasons starting in April and running through November. Brown, marble, rainbow, brook and grayling are the varieties of trout available in the lush fishing destination.

Salmon Fishing in Iceland

For Salmon enthusiasts there are only a few spots that encompass fishing with beautiful landscaping. Iceland is one of those destinations. This fishing destination offers the salmon fishing enthusiast the chance to fish in over 100 salmon filled rivers.

Popular fishing areas in Iceland include Laxa in Adaldal and Nesjum as well as the Grenlaekur areas. Though salmon is the main reason that many fishing enthusiasts find their way to Iceland, this vast countryside also offers trout fishing and year round tourism opportunities that make this fishing destination a great international family getaway.

New Zealand

Both trout and salmon have been introduced in New Zealand, and are abundant in some remote areas. Fishing is open all year round. New Zealand law prohibits the sale of trout; so the only way to eat one, is to go and get it out of the river yourself!

New Zealand also offers game fishing, sea fishing, rock fishing and other fishing adventures.

Regardless of the type of fishing you enjoy, your budget or the amount of time you have to enjoy your fishing destination there are plenty of worldwide fishing opportunities available for you.

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