Hunting Vacations

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Hunting Vacations

Hunting Vacations

Hunting is generally thought to be a localized sport taking place in area hunting zones or state hunting territories. Over the past several decades, however, the sport of hunting has taken on a global range. World hunting travel destinations have become one of the leading forms of holiday travel for wilderness enthusiasts. These destinations are offered throughout the world and are individually geared for what to the hunterís tastes. Depending on the wild game or the style of hunting, the hunter prefers there are several top hunting travel locations that will fit their needs, budget and style.

Wild Boar Hunting in the Southern United States

The southern United States is known for its wild boar open hunting seasons. Various states including Texas, Georgia and Alabama offer open season for wild boar throughout the year. Boar can be hunted with rifles, shotgun and hunting bows depending on the area. Hunting licenses can be purchased for one-week trips, two weeks or longer vacations. Many hunters choose to locate farm owners in need of hunting services to rid their land of the wild boars. These farmers may offer incentives to the hunters such as free camping locations, payment for hunting services and portions of the boar meat as incentive for hunters to clear the land. For this reason, hunters may look at this particular hunting travel destination as a working vacation.

African Hunting Safaris

African hunting safaris are well known with the hunting communities. The world hunting travel destinations available throughout Africa offer big game hunting opportunities to skilled hunters from around the world. Hunting safaris are an all-inclusive vacation that includes room, board and guides through the legalized hunting areas of the country. Hunters can expect to be faced with leopard, Cape buffalo and trophy elephant hunts.

Hunting in Hungary

A close guarded secret are the out of the way hunting grounds like the roe deer grounds found in Hungary. Roe deer vacations and hunting expeditions offer hunters trophy quality hunting grounds where they can bag larger deer than they could imagine in their local hunting areas. These hunts can also feature combination deer and bird hunting days to maximize the hunting trip.

Water Buffalo Australia Hunting

Australia offers hunters from around the world various hunting opportunities for water buffalo. This big game animal is available for hunting on guided tours throughout the country. These tours last from five to seven days and encompass over 1500 square miles of terrain. The tours can include guided transportation, lodging, food, and trophy fees.

Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand does not have any endemic land mammals. The only mammals found in New Zealand have been introduced my man within the last 150 years. Those mammals (deer, wild boar, possum, wild goats, etc.) are all unwanted visitors, because they do not belong to New Zealand's ecosystem, and actually pose a threat to it. For that reason, introduced mammals are considered as pests, and hunting is encouraged all year round. If anyone ever objected to your hunting, they will be short of arguments here!

Regardless of the hunting method a hunter uses or the type of game, there is always a destination ready to offer them the adventure of a lifetime. World hunting travel destinations are available for booking through local hunting clubs, online and through various hunting enthusiasts site. Remember before booking a trip to ensure you have the proper permits, weapons, clearance for TSA regulated flights and the proper outdoor survival tools necessary to make the trip enjoyable and safe.

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