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Solo traveler

Going Solo-Traveling Alone

For some people their first experience traveling solo is almost religious. They have the ability to truly take in their surroundings without commentary from others and without having to deal with the temperments of a traveling companion. Traveling alone allows you to completely and totally indulge your every whim. If you truly want to be able to explore in freedom and experience everything a place has to offer traveling solo is defintiely the way to do this.

Of course traveling alone can also be perilous. You may be worries about safety or being lonely but preparation and common sense can carry you through these rough spots unscathed.

Why Travel Solo?

Traveling without a companion allows freedom that you otherwise wouldn't enjoy. You can rest when you'd like or keep on going without having to worry about the needs and desires of another person. When you make mistakes no one suffers but you but when things are going well you can take all the credit. You can't ruin anyone's day but your own and you are free to live in the moment.

Traveling alone allows you to enjoy doing what you want to do. You don't have anyone else to entertain but yourself. The world is your oyster and you are the pearl.

Make your own rules and throw out the schedule if you'd like it's all up to you when you travel alone. Enjoy yourself. You're about to embark on a great adventure!

Stay Safe

Safety is a primary concern for solo travelers. Without a companion criminals may view you as vulnerable and target you for exploitation. You can travel alone without appearing vulnerable though. There is protection traveling alone can offer. You might not be viewed as a tourist as easily and you will blend into the crowd far easier. The safety issue can cut both ways.

Here are a few tips to make traveling alone safer:

1.) Time and money are key factors. Know how long it takes to get somewhere and how much it takes to get there. Ask cab drivers this beforehand but make sure you already know the answer. If they offer you an incorrect answer don't get in.

2.) Know your destination. Know the hours it's open and when it's closed to avoid sleeping in your car.

3.) If something doesn't feel right don't do it. Trust your instincts.

4.) Always carry good identification.

5.) Stay in open public places especially at night.

6.) Walk purposefully and exude confidence. Don't look like an easy mark.

7.) Don't dress like a tourist or wear flashy jewelry.

8.) Don't share too much. Don't offer up that you are alone.

9.) Know where everything is. Check out maps beforehand and never look lost.

Trust everyone and No One
It's always great to meet new people but it also makes you vulnerable. You can hang out and travel with new friends but don't trust them with valuables or money. Stay open minded but also be smart.


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