Survival Vacations

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Survival Vacations

Survival Vacations

When people say the word vacation, the thought of beaches, safaris or faraway destinations come to mind. For some people, however, the first thought that enters their mind is survival. Thanks to adventurers and survival experts like Bear Grylls, the idea of roughing it for a vacation has taken on a completely new meaning. Wilderness survival schools, pathfinder schools and primitive living camps have set the stage for a new popular form of vacationing known as survival holidays. These holiday locations can be found around the world in a variety of climates and wilderness levels. Though guided weekends are the most popular form of adventuring there is always the option of going it alone. Survival Holiday Locations

There are several popular locations for survival holidays. Of course, most of the areas are in harsher climates where survival is critical and the learning curve can be eye opening. The jungles of South America are a popular survival holiday for many adventurers. The culture, landscape, climate and terrain all lend a hand in offering holiday adventurers the chance to survive just like Bear Grylls and attempt the many survivalist tips and tricks that can be found on his top rated outdoors show.

Another location near and dear to the fans of Bear Grylls are mountain regions with cold weather adaption as part of the survival holiday. These holidays test the adventurerís full range and ability to accept harsher climates and adapt to cold weather. With limited foliage and animal life to survive on the survival holiday is filled with lessons on how to maintain protein levels, hydration and warmth in extreme weather conditions.

Desert areas are another popular survival holiday choice. This type of survival offers a variety of survival techniques depending on the desert, plant and animal life. With temperatures reaching as high as 120 degree during the day, the desert can pose the threat of death through heatstroke and by draining you of your bodyís natural fluids. Water is vital in the desert and on survival holidays you are given very little of it. Each individual needs approximately one gallon of water per day to survive. Imagine having one gallon for three days or even four. Survival holidays and guides teach adventurers how to deal with hydration issues in this type of climate and leave them with skills they can use throughout their lives.

Tools and Gear

Survival holidays are not just about booking a flight and a guide for the week. These holidays require special gear to help you make it through your holiday adventurer. Some tools and gear can be seen being used and endorsed by survivalist and adventurer Bear Grylls. Knives, multi-tools, machetes and even make shift cooking devices are all tools and gear that Bear uses on his various survival adventurers. These tools should be purchased prior to the survival holiday. If you are unsure of what tools and gear you will need you can check with the survival trainer or guide. A full list of recommended items should be provided to you upon request.

Bear Grylls

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