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Traveling with Teenagers: It Can Be Fun If You Let It

This is the stuff that funny movies are made of; family vacations with teens. While the antics may seem funny on the silver screen, in real life traveling with a teen or multiple teens can produce many challenges. Fortunately weíve put together a few helpful tips to make your travel time more pleasant for you and a little bit cooler for them
Donít Take Away the Tech - Well-meaning parents often want to maximize family time together by eliminating technology from the equation. While you may be aiming for more quality time itís not what youíre going to get. Asking your teen to go cold-turkey on technology is asking way too much. Make life easier for you and them, if you find fun things to do your teens will enjoy posting status updates about their adventures. Technology can enhance your fun. Taking it away will most likely be a huge buzz kill for everyone involved.

Space is Necessary - A vacation should be less scheduled ad allow time to relax. Donít create huge lists of schedules that will stress you and your teen out. Book a suite with separate rooms and multiple tvs. Finding one equipped with the coolest game system you can find is also a huge plus. Remember everyone should get to unwind and not be wound up from being in each otherís faces.
Make Plans Together - Does your teen have any ideas of things they may want to do include your teenager in planning the vacation. Would you want to be given an itinerary of things to do by them with little or no input? I think not. Itís good to be diplomatic. Your teen may offer some really cool ideas.

Enjoy the Nightlife - Find out if there are any bands playing locally your teens might be interested in hearing. Older teens may enjoy a night out shopping for a few hours or hanging out with kids their own age. Sometimes spending time alone in the hotel room works too. Maybe you can catch a break as well.
Make Sense with Your Dollars - Set aside some money for your teen to use during the trip. You can dole it out by the evening or offer the full amount and no more. Let them spend it on things that interest them. Tell them they can keep a certain percentage of funds saved after the trip is over. This make cure the constant flow of I wants.
Itís Okay to Sleep In - Let your teen crash if thatís what theyíre in to. Itís really a win-win scenario. You get some time to yourself and your teen catches extra zís. Itís a vacation and studies have shown teens need more sleep than adults and younger children. Itís not wasted time but it is a great tension reducer.
Food for Thought - While you may enjoy trying exotic fare while traveling your teen may want fast food and pizza. This is okay and much cheaper than lugging to a restaurant that they may not want to go to. Save yourself some money and invest in burgers. Your pocket book will appreciate and your stress level will be much lower.

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