Train and Rail Travel

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Train Travel: Europe Train Travel

Train and Rail Travel

Rail Holidays
Train and Rail Travel

Holidays for most people are the best part of the year. Make this year's holidays different by going by train to your favorite places.

For some people the idea of spending an entire month somewhere is not exciting enough because they crave to know many new places in a short period of time and they also like to spend just a few days in one place and then move to the next adventure.

If you are one of these people, then travelling around the world by train might be just right for you. Point-to-point travel is the best option, compared with hub traveling, because you just waste time and money catching the train that just takes you to another stopover that is not your final destination.

Keep in mind that some European high speed trains require bookings in advance. This is not entirely bad, since you can save more money by making the reservation well ahead, and you avoid the risk of having to travel without a seat.

If you plan to visit several main cities in one country, look seriously at buying a rail pass that allows unlimited traveling within the major railways.

Another consideration is the choice between high speed trains and slower trains. Well, if you are in a hurry and want to visit as many cities as possible, nothing beats the high speed train. Also, it is an experience that anyone should have at least once in theit lifetime.

However, if you want to enjoy the sights, and see everything there is to see while travelling, the slower train is the only train that allows it and their tickets are cheaper too.

Planning where you are going to stay the night is also important. Accommodation in Europe is more expensive than in the US, because the number of people living in the cities is larger and more concentrated than in the US. That factor pushes the prices to the top. This is especially true (and bad) if you plan to make the trip during the summer when everyone is doing the same.

When planning your accommodation, do not only look for the best prices; study also the maps, to find out how far the hotel is from the railway station. There are hotels within the railway stations, or at walking distance, which may be a few dollars more expensive than others, but which will save you even more dollars of local taxis or bus services.

If you do not live in Europe and you want to visit that continent, the country you want most likely tosee is France. That is a statistical truth.

If you just arrived in Paris and you want to visit other places in France, there are seven major train stations that will take you to any place in France. By traveling in second class all the time, you are more likely to find other travelers like you, who are just visiting France, and you can talk about your experiences in this new country. In first class you will find more people who are thinking about business and money and their minds will be away from travel.

Buy the tickets on the internet while you are at home. Local tellers may well accept only local cards. Also keep in mind that to travel by bullet train, youll need to make a reservation, whereas almost all other trains are freely hop-on hop-off.

While inside the train sometimes you can buy food, but it will be many times more expensive than taking food with you from home.

While travelling by train or even walking on the streets, keep a close eye on your wallets. Always put your wallets in a safe pocket, near your hands or your eyes because there are always people making a living by stealing them. You may need to pay a visit to the bathroom. These are not the finest places to do your life so you should always take a couple of tissues with you as well as a pocket sanitizer.

Portugal is another European country that you must visit. Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, Portugal has some outstanding monuments that you just cannot afford to miss.

Belgium is the next country on the must see list. This country is famous for its unique architecture from the medieval times. It is amazing to see all that unique art inserted on the buildings considering that these buildings are more than five hundred years old and they are still standing.

After France, Italy is the most romantic country to visit. It is said that Italy is just the carbon copy of France. And for a good reason. For a traveler from another continent, the building styles are similar.

Outside of Europe, rail travel is less practical and more adventurous. But it is possible on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica!

Finally remember you are traveling to have a good time. Leave your problems at home, do not think about disease or any other bad karma and, above all, think that you may not be able to have another chance in your life to visit all these great places.

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