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Here under Wine, you will find information about the best place to go to satisfy your interest for wine.

Travel to the world's wine areas and discover the best wine of the world: what a good idea for a vacation! Taste the world's most expensive wine and see the youngest and oldest wine area in the world. You can find wine areas almost everywhere in the world. In Europe, you will find the best areas in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy for the most famous but as well in Austria, and in the Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania and the Black Sea area). In Oceania, Australia and New Zealand offer very well-tasting wine. In North America, go to United States and more particularly in California, Oregon and Washington. For the South America, Argentina, Brazil and Chile make pleasant wine. The last continent, Africa, offers also a good wine in South Africa. So, if you want to discover all the world's wine areas, buy a round-the-world plane ticket and start your wine-tasting.

The 5 most expensive wines in the world come from France. They are, in sequence, the 1997 Romanйe Condy (Burgundy, $1540), the 1998 Petrus Pomerol (Bordeaux, $1459), the 1999 Chвteau Le Pin Pomerol (Bordeaux, $908), the 1990 Chвteau Latour Pauillac (Mйdoc, $774) and the 1995 Chвteau Valandraud Saint-Emilion (Bordeaux, $668).

Which are the youngest and the oldest wine areas? - You will only need a plane ticket to United States and France to look at them. Start by the youngest in the Finger Lakes of New York State. The Finger Lakes vintners have made huge steps in the past 5 years. Cross the Atlantic Ocean and discover the oldest vineyard in Europe, Gaillac in France, which has a history of wine production going back more than 2100 years. Although, to be 100% correct, we should point out that a 7,000-year old wine jar was discovered by archaeologists in Hajji Firuz Tepe, a Neolithic village in Iran. Wine-tasting and discovery of the world will accompany you in these travels.

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