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If you are a woman traveler, especially a solo woman, you may find it helpful to understand the status of local women to better understand the locals' reactions. Hopes of traveling inconspicuously, spending time alone and absorbing the surroundings are often thwarted by men who assume a lone woman desires company, or who seemingly find it impossible to avert their penetrating gaze.


Women traveling alone can be more vulnerable to problems in certain cultures. Keeping in mind this information can help make your trip as safe and rewarding as possible.

See also our preparation page, which will help you find information and advice on how to prepare your trip, and our luggage page, where you will find information and advice on how to deal with your luggage in the best way.

Of course, you might also decide that traveling alone is not an option. There are several travel agencies and tour operators specialized in women's travel; here is a non-exhaustive list: www.women-traveling.com, www.womenstravelclub.com or www.gutsywomentravel.com.

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