SIT - day 1

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Here under SIT - day 1, you will find travel information for that day, with practical information including the opening hours and addresses of the different attractions.

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Day 1:

Dublin City Tour

Dublin Castle Step back in time and visit Dublin Castle, in the heart of historic Dublin. The Castle stands on the ridge on a strategic site at the junction of the River Liffey and its tributary the Poddle. In fact, the city gets its name from the Black Pool - 'Dubh Linn' which was on the site of the present Castle garden.

Trinity College Visit the impressive Trinity College, Ireland's first university, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. The college is also famed for its exhibit of the Book of Kells. During its early life, Trinity was a university exclusively for the Protestant ascendency class of Dublin.

Following the first steps of Catholic Emancipation, Roman Catholics were first admitted in 1793. In 1873, all religious tests were abolished.

Georgian door - Dublin
Have a walk through Merrion Square, where you will get to see some of the best Georgian entrances of Dublin, Grafton street and St Stephen's Green Square.

3 nights in Dublin.

  • Trinity College

  • Entrance Free
    Walking Tour: 9
    Opening Hours: 10.15am to 3.40pm Mon-Sat
    10.15am-3pm Sun, from mid-May to Sept


  • Dublin Castle

  • Tel: 677 7129
    Cork Hill, Dame street
    Entrance Fees: 4.25
    Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm Mon-Fri
    2-5pm Sat and Sun


  • St Patrick Cathedral

  • Tel: 679 4611
    Entrance fees: 5.75
    Opening Hours:
    10am-5pm daily, Apr - Sept

    11am-4pm Mon-Sat
    10am-4.30pm Sun, from October to March

    Dublin Dublin Temple Bar

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