SIT - day 4

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Here under SIT - day 4, you will find travel information for that day, with practical information including the opening hours and addresses of the different attractions.

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Day 4:

Power Scourt Estate - Kilkenny Castle

Power Scourt
Have a walk through Powerscourt House and Gardens. This Estate is one of Europe's Greatest Gardens, and one of Ireland's Greatest Treasures, with 47 acres of magnificent gardens. Power Scourt House today reflects centuries of history as the site dates back to the castle of c.1300. It contains some of the finest 18th century interiors in Ireland.

3 miles from Powerscourt Gardens is Ireland's highest waterfall tumbling 394 feet into the Dargle Valley. Powerscourt Waterfall has been a major attraction since the 1760's. The Waterfall is fed by waters from blanket bog on top of the mountains above the valley. Peat often gives the water a brown colour, and the volume of water coming down changes dramatically a couple of hours after rain. A nature trail has been laid out around the base of the waterfall.

Kilkenny Castle
Visit Kilkenny Castle, from the 12th century, remodelled in Victorian times and set in an extensive parklands.
The Castle was occupied from the 13th to the 20th century, with the Butler Family in residence from 1391 until 1935.

The 19th century Picture Gallery is 150 feet long and contains many Butler portraits as well as some fine tapestries, while the other rooms display the authentic fabrics that existed in the house in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Kilkenny Castle The central block now includes a library, drawing room, and bedrooms decorated in 1830’s splendour. A suite of former servant’s rooms is the Butler Art Gallery, which mounts frequently-changing exhibitions of contemporary art.

2 nights in Bansha.

  • Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry

  • Tel: 204-6000
    Entrance Fees:
    House and Gardens: € 8.50
    Gardens only: € 6
    House only: € 2.50
    Opening Hours : 9.30am-5.30pm Feb-Oct
    9.30am-4.30pm Nov-jan


  • Kilkenny Castle

  • Tel: 772 1450
    Entrance Fees: € 5

    Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm daily, Jun-Sept

    10.30am - 12.45pm and 2.5pm, Tue and Sat
    + 11am - 12.45pm and 2 - 5pm, Sun, Oct to March

    10am-5pm daily, Apr to May

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