High Density Areas

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High Density Areas

Human concentration

Four areas of the world are as outstanding favorable spots for human concentration. They are:

  • (a) Eastern Asia, including China, Japan and Republic of Korea,
  • (b) Southern Asia, comprising Indian sub-content including India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • (c) North-eastern part of the United States of America.
  • (d) Central and Northwestern Europe.

    Besides, here and there, there are some other smaller areas having high density of population, like Java in Indonesia, Nile Valley in Egypt, South-eastern Brazil in South America and around Sydney in Australia.

Of the above-mentioned four groups, Eastern Asia (excluding Japan) and South Asia have thick concentration of population due to suitability of environmental conditions for the growth of agricultural crops. Some of these conditions are favorable climate, fertile soil and large amount of plain surface. In India and China, dense population is found in low-laying plains, and river valleys. Of late, mineral areas are becoming centres of dense population because of the importance of manufacturing industries in these lands.

In the last two groups, north eastern part of the U.S.A. and Northwest Europe, the concentration of population is mainly due to manufacturing activity which has been possible primarily because of large supplies of mineral-coal and iron, large amounts of capital investment and an advanced state of science and technology. In Europe, the areas of high density ranging from 160 to 400 persons per square kilometer are the Netherlands, Belgium and Ruhr Valley of Germany. Similar conditions for manufacturing prevail in northeastern part of the U.S.A.

Japan in East Asia has emerged as a very important industrial power in the world especially after the World War II. A high density of population is found there because of the rapid growth of industries.

W. Europe, North-east U.S.A. and Japan have developed trade relations with other parts of the world on account of favorable location. There is a great demand in the outside world for manufactured products and machinery produced in these countries. Consequently, the carrying capacity of these areas is high due to large-scale production of these products.

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