Racial Distribution 1

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Racial Distribution 1


We can recognize three primary races of mankind, namely, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid, based on an aggregate of physical traits of genetic origin. The three primary divisions of mankind are usually divided into many sub groups or ethnic groups. There is no general agreement upon their number. Of the three fundamental natural stocks of mankind (i.e., aggregate of racial groups) the Caucasoid stock comprises all Europeans (Except the Lapps and Finns) and most of the peoples in North Africa, Southwest Asia and Australia. The Mongoloid stock includes all peoples who inhabit the extensive area lying east of a line drawn from Lapland to Thailand; thus comprising most Northern and Eastern Asiatic besides the Finnish tribes, Lapps, the Eskimo, the Chukchis and as a modified branch, the whole of the American Indian. The Negroid stock consists of African Negroes and Negrillos, the Indonesian and Oceanic Negrites and Negritians and the now extinct Tasmanians.

A typical representative group for any of the three great divisions can hardly be found in the present day world; for racial admixture has been the common feature of mankind for any centuries.

The Caucasoid Division. The Caucasoid are peoples of Europe, adjacent shores of North Africa and of Asia minor and even India. The following sub groups belong to Caucasoid stock.

  • 1. The Nordic or Northwest European group.
  • 2. The Alpine or Central European group.
  • 3. The Mediterranean of South West European group.
  • 4. The Baltic or North East European group.
  • 5. The Dinaric or South East European.
  • 6. Armenoid in Western Asia minor and North Central India.
  • 7. The Turanian or Turki group.
  • 8. Indo Afghans, Dravidians and pre-Dravidians.
  • 9. Nesiot and Polynesian groups.
  • 10. The Arabic, Hamitic and Berber groups in North Africa.

    The Nordic group, represented in its vast mixed form in Scandinavia, Denmark, North Germany and the East of Britain is long-skulled, tall and fair: the Mediterranean group well-seen in Spain and Southern Italy is long skulled, short and dark. The Alpine race centered in the Alps and stretching across Europe from west to east, mainly in the highlands but also occupying the greater parts of the Russian and the East Indian Archipelago. They are all light-skinned people with facial characters suggesting their kinship with European group. The Arabs living in the scrublands and semi-deserts of Arabia and even of the Eastern Sahara are characterized by a light brown skin, but jet-black hair, long skulls and sharp profile with a prominent and characteristically narrow nose. The Hamites form the main stock of the population of Northern Africa and are related to the Mediterranean group. The Berbers are agricultural people inhabiting the Atlas lands and are of mixed origin. In the north of Japan, there lives an isolated group of Caucasoid stock, namely the Ainus who resemble in several respects, the European people.

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