Racial Distribution 2

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Racial Distribution 2


The Mongoloid Division. The Mongoloids are basically the people of Asia but are also in the western hemisphere as the American Indians. The Mongoloids are usually divided into following sub groups. -

  • 1. The Tungus group.
  • 2. The Palaco-Asiatic
  • 3. The Sinic group
  • 4. The south Mongoloid group
  • 5. The Oceanic Mongols.

    The Tungus groups also called the North Mongoloid group occupy, Siberia, Mongolia and even the area on the western sides of the Gobi desert. The typical Mongolian characteristics are well developed in this group. The Baltic group living in the area to the East and South East of the Baltic sea is indeed a modified Nordic group on account of admixture with Siberian peoples. This is a newly evolved racial type transitional between the wavy-haired Europeans and the straight haired Asiatic. The Dinaric group and the Armenian or Anatolian group are in most respects similar to the Alpines, but are taller, of liner physique and lighter skinned. The Turanian or Turkey group occupying the semi-arid deserts and steppes of western Turkistan, north of the Italian plateau, is akin to the Armenian group in most respects but also exhibits some Mongolian characteristics, evidently owing to the contact with an incursions of the Mongol tribes in Central Asia.

    The repeated South Eastern movement of Caucasoid people from their original area of characterization has resulted in an extraordinary mixture of racial types. The lndo-Afghan group typically represented by the people of Kashmir form bulk of the population in the North, and most of India as well as in Afghanistan. The Dravidian group is found over a considerable part of southern India and is similar in several respects to the Mediterranean group. The Nesiot and Polynesian groups are found scattered in Indo-China, the Malay region but some of the Siberian tribes such as Ostyaks and Voguls are of mixed origin. The Palaco-Asiatic include all the tribal people living in the Arctic Siberia, most of the tribes have been evolved as a result of admixture of European-like groups with the Mongolian-like peoples though short statured, they are well built and hardy. The Sinic group comprises the inhabitants of the Hwang-Ho Basin and in the central and lower part of the Yangtze Basin with an eastward extension into Korea. Even though the area occupied by this group is small, the number of people is greater than any other group in the world.

    The South Mongoloid groups is also known as Parcocan; it has a geographical distribution that includes Tibet, Southern slopes of the Himalayas, Southern China and Indo-China to as far as South as Isthmus of Kra. Generally they conform to Mongol physical type but perhaps shorter. The oceanic Mongols range over Indonesia, the Philippines, Formosa, the Nicobars and Madagascar. They are the short of all Mongols and contain the darkest skinned members of the Mongolian stock.

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